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Pokemon: Ultimate Quest

Taylor wants to be the best Pokemon Master ever. EVER. She heads to Prof. Oak's lab to get her first Pokemon and meets her fellow pokemon recipients. They are not quite what she expected. Luke wants to be the best at... pretending he's a Pokemon Trainer while Oliver is quite possibly in the wrong comic. This is NOT a Nuzlocke! Updates: Whenever I can. My other comic holds priority over this one.


Scrolling Problem

I didn't realize that I had messed up the coding somewhere so that people had to scroll really far down to find the comic. It looked fine on my browser, but I had multiple people tell me otherwise. The problem people were having was showing up on my phone browser and now it looks fine on my phone so I'm hoping I fixed it for everyone. Let me know if it's still messed up please. C:

Sorry about that and thanks for understanding.

Posted by Taiki @ September 3rd, 2010, 1:58 am
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